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Tobin Garth Karicher
Tobin Garth Karicher, started painting professionally in Brooklyn, NY during 1990. His first commissioned work came from a music composer in Paris, France. After practicing Classical Realism for about 10 years, he stopped using reference material and began painting from the minds eye and the subconscious. Occasionally, Karicher still uses reference research, minimally, if needed to accentuate or complete a particular piece. "I find abandoning surface concerns and painting in an almost visceral manner puts forth a much richer, and powerful painting." - T.G.K

Mr. Karicher uses a unique medium to create his sublimely luminescent works, a proprietary mixture of pigments, paint varieties and a suspension medium.

His work has been shown in London, England, New York City, NY, Washington D.C., and Virginia. Tobin Garth Karicher's paintings reside in the permanent collections of William and Mary University, Virgina, Sony Music, Paris, France, The Central Intelligence Agency, McLean, Virgina, The Library of Virgina, Warner Brothers Entertainment, NY, NY, among others. 

Tobin Garth Karicher resides and works in Union Hill, City of Richmond, Virginia and received his BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Aqua Night with White Rose
30 x 40
Nightfall with Roses
36 x 48
Twilight in Cordoba
30 x 40